Now Even Socialists Are Bashing The Loony Race Protesters At Evergreen State

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The World Socialist Web Site, a hard-left news outlet which promotes “revolutionary opposition to the capitalist market system” has published a scathing editorial denouncing the student protesters at Evergreen State College as race-baiting loons who fail address any actual issues affecting “working class people of all races and genders.”

Over the past couple weeks, the Evergreen State campus in Olympia, Washington has been the site of a stream of high-profile protests led largely by radical black students.

The protesters have centered much of their fury on Bret Weinstein, a white biology professor who criticized an organized event “inviting” every white student, professor and administrator to leave campus for a day.

The complete absence of all white people on campus would acknowledge “the value of having POC [people of color] in higher education,” according to Rashida Love, one of the principal organizers of the “Day of Absence” for white people.

“Professor Weinstein is not a right-wing professor,” the World Socialist Web Site editorial observes in its editorial, which is entitled “Evergreen College professor harassed, slandered as racist for opposing ‘exclusion day’ on campus.”

Weinstein supported socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election, the website notes.

“There is nothing ‘left’ or progressive in the actions of the students protesting Weinstein,” the socialist website says. “Their racialist outlook expresses the interests of privileged sections of the upper middle class, and complements the racism of the far-right.”

The World Socialist Web Site also notes that Evergreen State has not been the site of any racist incidents. The protesters’ “claim that the campus is seething with racial tensions is not supported by any concrete evidence.”

The student protesters “have nothing to say about the burden of student debt, food insecurity, poverty and unemployment,” the socialist website criticizes. (RELATED: Socialist Venezuela Sucks So Bad It Has Run Out Of BEER)

The sum total of the Evergreen State protest amounts to an expression of identity politics for the sake of identity politics.

“The protests at Evergreen are part of a broader trend,” the World Socialist Web Site charges. “Racialist politics is systematically promoted by the media and the political establishment, particularly the Democratic Party, as part of an effort to divide workers of different races against each other, while subordinating the working class to the competition of factions of the upper middle class for access to privilege and power.”

The socialist website notes that the Evergreen State protests fit into a pattern of race-based events and protests at many college campuses in recent years including the University of Missouri, Yale University, Amherst College and Harvard University.

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