You DO NOT Want Everyone To Have Your Phone Number. Here Is How To Protect Your Privacy

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Nowadays, you are expected to give out your cellphone number to all sorts of people and groups. There are plenty of forms that require your number, just so they can turn around and sell that info to a third party. All throughout the world (or at least this country), there are folks who could reach you at any given moment. Isn’t that scary? And that’s not even considering all the information they can glean simply from having your number. It’s not a stretch to think that you could be tracked down at any second.

If you care about privacy (which you should), then what are you to do? Fortunately, there is an answer. You can get a second cellphone number. I’m not talking about getting a whole new phone; rather, the Hushed App allows you to get a second number to use on your existing smartphone.

This is an absolutely game changer. Currently, I am in the process of subletting a room in my house. I have to give out my number to any jerk that saw the listing on Craigslist so they can come check out the place. For all I know, a serial killer could have my number now! From now on, I will only be giving out my Hushed number. And I will sleep much better as a result.

You too can take advantage of this opportunity. Daily Caller readers can get a second number for just $25. That’s it. Not $25 monthly or $25 annually. Just $25 one time. With that purchase, you get 500 minutes and 1100 texts a year. For the rest of your life. Your number will never expire. It’s a completely functional number: So you can not only text but also call and receive voicemails and anything else you can do with a phone (like call forwarding).

This offer is silly good, as well as hugely helpful in protecting your privacy. Daily Caller readers can sign up now and access the promotion with the code DC25. Then you too will sleep better each night.

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