Abortion Clinic That Violated Health Law 4 Times Remains Open

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The Harrisburg, Pa., abortion clinic, Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center, has been cited for the fourth time in six years for breaking health laws.

Inspections were conducted in February, and it was discovered that the facility had violated multiple procedural and administrative issues, including “improper staffing, expired medications and medical supplies, and failing to follow anesthesia policies for surgical abortions.”

The abortion clinic failed to provide documents to the state Department of Health indicating that at least one consultant physician was board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, in addition to failing to provide a registered nurse for patients in 12/12 medical records reviewed.

“It was determined the facility failed to ensure that a full-time person was appointed who had authority and responsibility for the operation of the Ambulatory Surgical Facility,” the health inspection documents reveal. “[The facility failed] to implement training and develop policies, to ensure the implementation of a Quality Assurance Program and to ensure conformity to State Laws.”

There was no reporting policy or guidelines for staff who needed to address cases of suspected abuse of dependent individuals ages 18 to 59. Background checks were not conducted on eight employees. Prescription drugs were not properly stored — they were easily accessible to to unauthorized staff and patients. There were no logs or inventory kept, and some of the medical supplies had been expired since 2004.

“In the recovery area, seven individually wrapped 22 gauge three and one-half inch needle and syringes were in paper wraps that were physically deteriorated and yellow with age,” the report found.

The facility has since made “improvements,” such as hiring a registered nurse, removing expired medications and conducing background checks on its employees.