Aussie Pundit Andrew Bolt 1, Antifa 0

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I don’t like political violence, no matter who’s doing it. The one exception is when you’re acting in self-defense.* Then I’m happy to watch you defend yourself.

James Law,

Controversial columnist and TV personality Andrew Bolt has “clobbered” a group of masked protesters who set upon him in Melbourne yesterday.

On his TV program last night, Bolt explained how he was about to launch a book on US President Donald Trump at a restaurant in Carlton, in the city’s inner north, when a woman asked to take a selfie with him.

Before they could take the photo, two masked protesters set upon Bolt, spraying his face and suit with what he described as “sticky liquid with glitter and dye”.

And then, something happened that they obviously didn’t expect:

Nice one, mate! From selfies to self-defense in an instant.

Let this be a lesson to all the cowardly “antifa” morons who put on masks and attack people in public: It might not go the way you planned.

Hat tip to my Aussie mate Tim Bleah, who notes:

Until now, Bolt has been to them a one-dimensional character, a hate figure drawn by the left. He is less a human being than a cartoon, which is presumably why they felt fine with the idea of assaulting him. But now this abstract, reductive entity is punching their lights out.

I’m sure that in some quarters, this makes them the real victims. Well, people are much less likely to assault you if you don’t assault them first. Live and learn.

*No, mean words aren’t “verbal violence.” You don’t have the right to physically attack someone for hurting your feelings. Grow up.

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