This Is One Of The Best Purchases You Can Make This Summer

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If you’re still searching for the perfect Father’s Day present, look no further. There’s nothing dads love more after a long, hot afternoon mowing the lawn than kicking back on the porch with a Moscow Mule. Already have a present for dear old Dad? Treat yourself then!

The refreshing taste of ginger and lime in an ice-cold Mule is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. As all cocktail aficionados know, a Moscow Mule isn’t a proper Mule without the iconic copper mug, but where can you get one?

Don't these look refreshing? Get the mugs to make the cocktail! (Photo via Amazon)

Don’t these look refreshing? Get the mugs to make the cocktail! (Photo via Amazon)

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set of 2, 100 percent Solid Copper Mug on sale for $27.84

Right now, Amazon is having a HUGE sale on the copper mugs: Over 50 percent off for a set of two! What would normally be a $60 purchase is sliced to less than $30. These mugs are the real deal. They’re rated a full 5 out 5 stars!

Can it get any better? Yes, it absolutely can, because in addition to the twin mugs, your purchase comes with two copper straws, a copper shot glass (for proper measurements or to step up your shot game – your call), engraved wood coasters, and a hard-copy Mule recipe book!

Get everything you'll need to make a Moscow Mule on Amazon (Photo via Amazon)

Because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in summertime, get a pair of 100 percent solid copper mugs for $28 on Amazon today! (Photo via Amazon)

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