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Bath Time: McCain’s Bizarre Performance, Hawaii Stays Loyal To Paris Climate Accord

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The Time McCain Confused All Of America – Who stole the Comey show? None other than Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Maybe McCain was tired after two and a half hours of questioning, but it seemed to me that he was not entirely there. The senator appeared to be having some trouble separating two very different incidents: The Hilary Clinton email investigation and the Russia probing investigation.

Referring to Clinton, McCain said, “She’s one of the candidates, but in her case you say there will be no charges, and in the case of President Trump, the investigation continues.”

Comey clarified multiple times that they were two separate investigations, but McCain was not quite catching on and proceeded to repeat himself several more times.

If you felt just as confused as I did, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Twitter conducted an investigation of its own as to what was going on and the conclusions are hilarious.

National security reporter Mike Cernovich questioned McCain’s mental state.

Vice Sports journalist David Roth suggested McCain may be slightly delusional.

Kyle Griffin, an MSNBC producer, had some trouble following McCain’s logic.

Fortunately, McCain was able to make light of the situation, clarifying his intentions and joking that perhaps he was a bit distracted during the briefing.

Thank you McCain for unintentionally providing some comic relief to a not so comical week. Check out the full exchange between the two here.

Hawaii says climate change DOES exist – Hawaii threw President Trump some shade, passing a law that said the island is committed to the goals outlined in the Paris climate accord.

Basically the epitome of everything nature, Hawaiians were not too happy when Trump withdrew from the agreement. So much so that the state took matters into their own hands.

Hawaii’s Gov. David Y. Ige, signed two bills in Honolulu Tuesday, The New York Times reported: One to combat greenhouse gas emissions, the other to improve soil health and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Climate change is real, regardless of what others may say,” Ige said.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise for any of us to be here, when the president of the United States had climate change removed from the White House website,” Mike Gabbard, chairman of the state Senate Ag and Environment Committee added.

Trump’s website makeover isn’t fooling anyone. Hawaii, and more than 10 other states, joined the U.S. Climate Alliance and plan to carry out the U.S.’s end of the deal as specified by the accord. As Chiffon Margarine once said, “It’s not nice to fool mother nature.”

Read more about Hawaii’s plan here.