Comey: Trump Has Right To End Investigation [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former FBI Director James Comey said the president has the right to end any investigation although there are “important norms” against doing so.

During his testimony Thursday, Comey confirmed comments made by Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz Wednesday evening that legally, the president can start or stop any investigation. (VIDEO: Dershowitz — Trump Could Have Shut Down The Flynn Investigation)

“I’m not a legal scholar, so smarter people have answered this better,” Comey explained, “but speaking as a legal matter, the president, as the head of the Executive Branch… and we have important norms against this…[can] direct that anybody can be investigated or anybody not be investigated.”
Dershowitz claimed Wednesday that this right would clear the president of any obstruction of justice charges.

“I think he has the legal authority because, ultimately, we all report to the Executive Branch up to the president,” Comey confirmed.

“If he wanted to issue a direct order, he could do it in any way,” he finished.


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