Female Trump Supporter Sues For $23 MILLION After Berkeley Rioter Mauled Her With Pepper Spray

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A woman who suffered a heavy blast of pepper spray smack-dab in her eyeball when she was in the midst of a violent protest on the University of California, Berkeley has filed a $23 million federal lawsuit against the school, the Berkeley Police Department and 16 other entities and individuals — including left-wing billionaire George Soros and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The plaintiff in the $23 million lawsuit is Kiara Robles, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Earlier this year, in February, Robles attempted to attend a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley but found herself being pepper-sprayed by a radical leftist protester instead.

Militant, black-mask-wearing leftists staged riotous demonstrations on the taxpayer-funded campus, forcing the cancellation of the Yiannopoulos speech.

Robles found herself outside with the mob wearing a red “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat, which looked nearly identical to a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat.

At the end of an interview with a local TV station, Robles was blindsided with a heaping projectile of pepper spray from an unidentified assailant.

Robles is represented in her lawsuit by Larry Klayman, an activist conservative attorney and the founder of Freedom Watch.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, claims that the multitude of defendants in the case violated Robles’s First Amendment right to free speech, her Fourth Amendment right to be secure in her person and her right to equal protection. The lawsuit also claims several other causes of action including negligence, premises liability, assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“Kiara Robles is a brave woman who was assaulted and severely harmed for simply exercising her constitutional and other rights,” Klayman said in a press release. “It’s time that the vicious and destructive actions of the left and its enablers such as UC Berkeley are held to account. Thanks to Kiara, justice will be done and these alleged destructive acts, which have been seen across California and the nation, as mostly recently in Portland, Oregon, just last weekend, will cease.”

The lawsuit alleges that the masked pepper-spray-wielding rioter attacked Robles in part because she is female and because she is a lesbian.

In an email to the Chronicle, Robles described herself as a twentysomething supporter of President Donald Trump and an “economics nerd” who has become a “martyr for the deplorables.” She lives in Oakland.

What does Robles want out of her $23 million federal lawsuit? “I honestly don’t know,” she told the Chronicle. “But I do think order is the right way to respond to chaos, and a lawsuit is the civil way to respond to injustice.”

A UC Berkeley spokesman, Dan Mogulof, characterized Robles’s lawsuit as a “collection of false claims.”

School officials “spent countless hours and substantial university resources planning security measures,” Mogulof told the Chronicle.

As The Daily Caller previously reported, a left-wing group called the Alliance for Global Justice helped organize the violent shutdown of the Yiannopoulos event at Cal Berkeley. The Alliance for Global Justice is backed by a progressive charity that is in turn funded by George Soros, a major labor union and several large companies. (RELATED: Look Who Funded The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event)

Prior to the mini-riot in Berkeley, the UC Berkeley student newspaper published an op-ed inviting students to show up to protest. (RELATED: Cal Berkeley Student Newspaper PROMOTED Protest-Turned-Riot The Day Before Milo Event)

Back in 2011, a campus cop at the University of California, Davis pepper-sprayed a group of protesters who were huddled together on a sidewalk. That incident ultimately resulted in a $1 million settlement divided among several protesters. The officer who pepper-sprayed the protesters, John Pike, also received his own $38,056 settlement for mental anguish for “psychiatric injury.” (RELATED: UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Campus Cop Awarded $38,000 Settlement)

An obvious distinction between this year’s UC Berkeley pepper-spray incident and the pepper-spray incident at UC Davis in 2011 is that a cop did the spraying at UC Davis, whereas someone who was not representing the government sprayed Robles at Cal Berkeley.

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