Matthews: Russia Collusion Theory ‘Came Apart’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews believes Trump-Russia collusion theories “came apart” due to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony Thursday.

This shift in thinking is a huge development considering Matthews has been an outspoken critic of Trump and has said numerous times on his show that he thinks Trump had some kind of ties to Russia during the 2016 election.

“The big story to me has always been…that the president had something to do with colluding with Russia,” Matthews said after Comey’s testimony. “And yet, what came apart this morning was that theory.”

He said the unraveling of the theory was due to two pieces of Comey’s testimony, the first being that Trump told him to continue investigating Russian collusion, and the second being that Flynn “wasn’t central” to the investigation.

If Flynn wasn’t central to the investigation, Matthews said, then he wouldn’t be in a position to testify against Trump.

“I’ve always assumed what Trump was afraid of…he had said something to Flynn and Flynn could be flipped on that and then Flynn would testify against the president,” Matthews explained. “And if that’s not the case, where’s the there there?”

“Where is the concern that Trump has that has put him on defense for these few months?”


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