We Must Defend Trump Against The Left-Wing Media’s Smears

Rep. Andy Biggs Arizona Congressman
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The House Judiciary Committee recently debated the Secret Service Reauthorization Act, a bill with broad support from both sides of the aisle. As debate concluded, Democrats introduced an amendment that’s sole purpose appeared to be to attack President Donald Trump. Debate quickly slowed to a crawl as Democrats on the committee rambled on relentlessly repeating unfounded and exaggerated claims about our President.

This is the new normal in Washington, D.C.

Attacks on President Trump have become commonplace in the federal legislative process and exist to hide the Left’s flaws and the President’s early triumphs. From floor action, to committees, to subcommittees, the Left uses every opportunity at their disposal to yell, scream, and shout about one of the most active Presidents in our country’s history. While many Republicans attempt to debate policy issues, the Left, aided by their allies in the radical media, play up contrived scandals, fueled by unsourced “rumors” of alleged evidence.

The Left, radical media, and even some Republicans continue their historic failure to realize why many Americans supported President Trump in the first place.

The American people elected Donald J. Trump because he promised to put American interests first, rebuild our depleted military, stand for Israel, protect life, secure the border, enforce laws, restore respect for law enforcement, create jobs, reform our outdated tax system, and refuel America’s commitment to freedom and economic opportunity.

Many politicians make promises for the camera, but backpedal as they step foot in office. This is why Congress’ approval rating is abysmal and why Americans took a chance on a Washington outsider like President Trump. If he remains true to his promises, and Congress works to do the same, we will truly make our country great again.

Instead of rallying around these principles and working for the common good of American greatness, the Left and radical media would rather tear down this Presidency and wreak havoc on our system of government. They are terrified of the potential positive outcomes if President Trump fulfills his promises. They would be perfectly content with a continued erosion of public trust, unfulfilled promises, and deference to the international community.

In spite of this incredibly self-serving and unpatriotic attitude from the Left and radical media, President Trump is succeeding. He has reversed many of the harmful, job-killing regulations of the Obama administration, decreased the flow of illegal immigration through stricter enforcement of our laws, protected innocent life, and reassured the world of the great bond between the United States and Israel. Just recently, President Trump withdrew the United States from the incredibly unfair Paris Climate Agreement, that Congress never approved in the first place – a significant fulfillment of one of his promises. Economic optimism has returned to the United States as businesses applaud the President’s free-market policies.

All Republicans should realize that the battle lines being drawn between the President and the Left and radical media are an attempt to sabotage this administration and prevent President Trump from upholding his word. If we do not vigorously defend the President against baseless attacks and continue to applaud the commitment to keeping his promises, then we risk losing our constituents’ trust and faith in our ability to lead the country. We have a historic chance to keep our promises and renew the American dream, spirit, and Constitution; and I will not lose that opportunity.

Congressman Andy Biggs serves the people of Arizona’s 5th district in the U.S. House of Representatives.