ACU Chair: ‘I’m Not An Ugly Dog’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s “New Day” got ugly Friday morning when two guests sparred over whether James Comey’s testimony was good or bad for the White House.

The Atlantic senior editor David Frum got testy when American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp asserted that the president has the right to fire the director of the FBI.

“None of that is true,” Frum interrupted.

“It’s just a fact, David, and you have to accept it,” Schlapp responded.

Not to be outdone, Frum hit back hard in a later answer, saying, “This is turning into, this whole episode post-testimony, an ugly dog contest for pathetic talking points.”

“Thanks a lot, David, I appreciate it,” Schlapp said sarcastically.

Schlapp explained that when he was serving in the White House with President George W Bush, there was an implicit notion that everyone there was serving “at the pleasure of the president.”

“Matt, taking all the airtime won’t make your arguments better,” Frum shot back.

“I’m not an ugly dog and I’m not taking the airtime, sorry buddy,” Schlapp said.


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