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Gillibrand On Trump: ‘Has He Kept His Promises? F*** No’

Kirsten Gillibrand public domain

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OUT: “When they go low, we go high.”
IN: “F*** this s***, you motherf***ing c***suckers.”

It seems to me that Donald Trump has kept several of his campaign promises. Nominating Gorsuch, pulling out of the useless Paris accord, probably a few other things. But the results are making the Democrats angry, so they keep using profanity because they think it makes them sound tough or something.

Slayyyyyyyyy kweeeeeeeeen!

That’s courtesy of Hamilton Nolan at Gawker — oops, sorry, I mean Gizmodo — who adds:

I agree. I want Democrats to curse publicly as much as possible, because I want them to keep losing elections.