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Man Attends ‘All-Female’ Screening Of Wonder Woman, Lives To Tell The Tale


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A couple of weeks ago, Stephen Miller (the Heat Street guy, not the Trump guy) made a big splash with this:

The “Women Only” screening of Wonder Woman at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn was held last night, and as Miller reports:

I didn’t know what to expect showing up to an advertised all women’s screening of Wonder Woman where radical outrage mongers on Twitter were offering bounties to either mace me in the face or dump soda on my head…

When I took my seat there were no hisses. No soda bombs. No photographs. No Daily Show ambushes or mobs of proud boys, whatever the hell they are. No managers asking me to leave…

By the reaction upon arrival, it became apparent how Twitter outrage is not real life (surprise) and as I had predicted, that no one in the theater would care. This was a movie theater, not a college campus and everyone there was there for the same reason. It’s the most anti-climactic case of a man buying a movie ticket in recent history.

In other words: Everybody outside of the Internet behaved like normal human beings about it. Nobody cared, because there was nothing to care about.

Incredibly, Miller fielded numerous media requests about buying a movie ticket, and he turned them all down. He says both Milo Yiannopoulos and The Daily Show wanted to tag along with him, but he said no. He wasn’t there to make a stink. He was there because he wanted to see the movie and he had every legal right to be there.

Miller enjoyed the movie, by the way. Which is supposed to be the point.

Read the whole thing.