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EXCLUSIVE: Milo Lauds ‘No Campus For White Men’

'No Campus For White Men'

The Daily Caller is exclusively publishing  Milo Yiannopoulos’ foreword to Scott Greer’s “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination.”Greer, an editor at Daily Caller, published “No Campus for White Men” with WND Books in March, and Milo’s foreword is now being made available just before the release of his first book.

Tucker Carlson praises “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination,” saying, “Something’s wrong on college campuses. Most of us are dimly aware of that. In this bracing and sometimes horrifying book, Scott Greer pulls off the bandage to reveal the suppurating wound beneath. Higher education is rotting in this country. After reading Greer’s account, you’ll think twice before sending your children off to school.”

Mike Cernovich, writer and author of “The Gorilla Mindset,” praises the book, saying, “Scott Greer is one of America’s most talented up and coming journalists. In ‘No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination’, Greer exposes you to issues the mainstream media will not cover, and in fact active covers up. If you want to understand what is really going on today on college campuses or in America generally, read this book!”

'No Campus For White Men'

‘No Campus For White Men’

“No Campus For White Men” — $16.95

Enjoy this exclusive look at Milo’s foreword to Scott’s book:


I’ve had the grim pleasure in witnessing just how far American universities have devolved by speaking at many of them as part of my tastefully named and by no means offensive Dangerous Faggot tour.

Scott Greer illustrates my controversial tour stop at DePaul University as part of his new book, No Campus for White Men, but I’d like to share another aspect of the story that I myself only learned after the event—it illustrates exactly what we are up against on campuses today.

I had my hands full on stage. A male protester, perhaps the only one amongst the group, was blowing a whistle into the stage microphone to create a deafening cacophony, shouting deranged slogans at the audience, and threatening to punch my lights out. A female accomplice with the horrific fashion sense to wear a fanny pack in public was alternatively dancing, mumbling to anyone close by, and shaking her finger in my face.

As Scott points out in the book, school administrators and police stood by passively taking in the spectacle. That was the first clue that they condoned the actions of the Black Lives Matter hooligans intent on shutting down my speech.

Another bit of drama was related to me by one of my closest associates, who had a front-row seat to the insanity of the DePaul administration. The main body of protesters was comprised of black women who sat down at the foot of the stage and linked arms. I guess their goal was to block the police or university officials from walking up to the stage, but they needn’t have bothered, the authorities were on their side.

One DePaul administrator in particular, a big oaf of a man in a purple shirt, was constantly pacing in front of this protest line. None of his attention was spent on the protestors, however, he was focusing on the crowd, which was growing upset and chanting for the protesters to be removed so the event could carry on.

When a young doughy white woman left her seat and approached the picket line, the purple-shirted man leapt into action. He stood in her way with arms raised and said something to the effect of “No, no, no, you can’t come up here!” She petulantly replied “I’m with these sisters!” and he immediately got out of her way with a speed and grace one would think impossible for his imposing bulk. An extra large hole was made for the hefty young lady, and she locked arms with Black Lives Matter to prevent free speech at DePaul.

The key part of this story is the administrator’s reaction when he learned the student wasn’t arguing against the protest, but rather joining it. It left me wondering what the hell was going on that DePaul would try to stop legitimate attendees of an event, but not protesters disrupting a speech.

The primary reason I share this story is that the entire incident galvanized me to raise the bar for the second leg of the Dangerous Faggot tour. We rented a bus and plastered my face on the side, and created elaborate visual presentations for every tour stop in the second half of 2016.

All of the delicate snowflakes triggered by the Dangerous Faggot tour can thank the DePaul Black Lives Matter children for raising my tour to new heights.

And triggered they are—consider the hypersensitivity of the students at the University of Pittsburgh. Following my speech, the student government convened a meeting for students to “understand the hurt and pain” that my speech caused. “I felt I was in danger, and I felt so many people in that room were in danger,” one student moaned before demanding the university provide counselors for those who were “traumatized.” The student body president reportedly “teared up” after “hearing students’ experiences as a result of Milo Yiannopoulos.”

There is no question the campus crybabies, popularly known as social justice warriors, look like fools to the general public. Even the Daily Show is making fun of them now. In a typically unfunny skit called “Outrage Court: Trigger Warnings” they opined:

College kids should grow a pair. If our kids grow up thinking the world is safe spaces and trigger warnings, then, hell, how are we going to protect ourselves from Russia? Hell, how are we going to stand up to Jamaica? All they do is come in here triggering us with their damn reggae and their ganja and their jerk chicken.

It is painfully clear that many schools are coddling students, more concerned with their feelings than the growth of their intellect. But the Left does not care about the feelings of the conservative students who sponsor me to speak and are consequently subjected to social ridicule and even physical threats. Nor do they care about the safety of the Duke Lacrosse team or fraternity members at the University of Virginia who faced death threats and had their house vandalized to make cheap political points.

This is where Scott Greer’s excellent book, No Campus for White Men, shines a light on the real issues on campus. The problem is not just overgrown crybabies and helicopter parenting, but an extreme version of identity politics, which encourages students to demand power and privilege on the sole basis of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. The flipside is that they want to disenfranchise and humiliate everyone who is not part of their designated victim groups—especially straight, white men. Greer traces this theme back to the cultural Marxist Frankfurt School theoretician Herbert Marcuse’s call for “repressive tolerance,” according to which the views of the majority must be stamped out so that revolutionary minorities can take power.

The arguments in No Campus for White Men will not sit well with liberal critics of campus culture like Bill Maher. They understand that blue-haired feminists screaming over a difference of opinion makes the Left look bad but will never be willing to confront the underlying premises of victim culture. In fact, they agree with it—they just want to seem snarky and intelligent instead of insane when they make their demands.

Many conservatives do not want to address these problems as well. As usual, the cowardly “cuckservatives” desperately want to avoid any discussion of race or gender. But it’s also comforting for baby boomer and geriatric National Review subscribers to scoff at those damn kids instead of actually confronting the ideology that their generations created.

Don’t get me wrong, we still need to make fun of the blue-haired feminists and SJWs. Crazy, obese protesters will always have a special place in my heart. But if we are going to defeat the Left—both on campus, and in America at large—we need to understand their goals and motivations. No Campus for White Men is the first book to truly do so.

America has a long way to go to return universities to their rightful places as centers of learning, free speech, and controversial ideas. Scott Greer’s No Campus for White Men is a good step in this battle, and I am proud to consider him a compatriot in the battle for America’s higher education.


Milo Yiannopoulos

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

December 2016

Milo’s first book, “Dangerous,” is available for pre-order today.