Sean Spicer Shuts Down MSNBC Journo [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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White House press secretary Sean Spicer came out swinging at the Monday press briefing, refusing to allow MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson to squeeze in an extra question.

Spicer was finishing up an answer to one of Jackson’s questions about Trump’s tweets when he tried to call on the next reporter, Olivier Knox from Yahoo News.

Jackson refused to let Spicer move on, asserting, “it’s a different question though” as she tried to talk over the press secretary.

“Olivier. Olivier. Hi. Olivier,” Spicer repeated, hoping to get her to stop.

Jackson refused, even turning around and apologizing to Knox before continuing to interrupt and trying to steal his time.

“Really, cause that’s a separate question,” she said again.

Spicer called on Olivier six times before Jackson finally allowed the briefing to continue.

“Olivier, thank you,” Spicer said with a chuckle, clearly not planning on giving in to the MSNBC reporter.


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