Florida Sheriff Advises Citizens How To Protect Themselves In Case Of Attack [VIDEO]

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Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey released a video on social media urging citizens to make use of their Second Amendment rights, stating that it’s “time for our citizens to be prepared to serve as the first line of defense.”

“And let me be perfectly clear. Doing nothing or just hoping it won’t happen to you is not going to save your life,” he said.

The video came shortly after the London Bridge attack in which 48 people were injured and eight were killed. Sheriff Ivey discussed his solution to defense against such terrorists attacks and active shooters, and emphasized that the only legitimate concern left is when and where the next attack will happen — not if it will ever happen.

He admitted to being “one of the most politically incorrect sheriffs in the country.”

“Preparing Americans to protect themselves is a conversation we need to have right now. And giving our citizens the ability to survive a violent attack is not only politically correct, it’s the absolute best way we can help protect those we took an oath to protect.”

His face was unamused as he mentioned a story he discovered the day before posting this video. He had learned that in other parts of the world people were being advised to run, hide and tell during a terrorist attack.

“Really?” he said. “What’s next? Ask you to run, hide and then draw a line in the sand while daring the cold-blooded murder to cross it?”


He encouraged citizens with a concealed carry permit to carry their guns on them whenever possible, but that if they choose to do so, they must practice every day. He made a plug for a course his office offers to the public “Self Defense Through Tactical Shooting And Decision Making,” in addition to another video of his available online “The 4 A’s Of Survival“.

Ivey went on to suggest that for those who do not have a concealed carry permit, or simply do not feel comfortable defending themselves with a firearm, carry an intermediate weapon such as a taser. If not that, use items in the immediate area such as a knife, chair, or fire extinguisher, he says.

He made the claim that a team of citizens working together to take down an attacker has a much greater chance of survival, than permitting the attacker to continue uninterrupted.

“Out of all the attacks [on 9/11] only one failed,” he concluded. “The plane that was hijacked by terrorists and then was taken back by brave Americans who worked together as a team to keep the terrorists from reaching their targeted destination.”

“Their heroic actions saved countless lives and showed terrorists what happens when Americans fight back. Remember, it takes community to protect community.”

The sheriff has been receiving overwhelming support for his statements on social media sites such as Twitter. But out of the bunch, there are a few who are not pleased.