Former ‘Star Trek’ Actor To Run For Congress ‘In The Persona Of Mark Twain’

Hollis Poch | Intern

Former actor John G. Hertzler, who played Klingon General Martok on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” announced on Thursday night at Cornell University’s Statler Hotel that he will go up against Republican Rep. Tom Reed for New York’s 23rd Congressional District Seat.

The ex-“Star Trek” actor announced his decision to the public through a Facebook post.

He first got involved in politics as an opponent of hydrofracking and is now currently a member of the town board of Ulysses, New York. His term lasts until 2020, according to a report from his announcement.

“I disagree with everything Reed supports,” Hertzler writes in his Facebook post. “Including his unrelenting support of the Trumpster.”

But his announcement comes with a “twist,” Hertzler states he will be running “in the persona of Mark Twain.” He will be traveling throughout the district as himself, but at other times he will “endeavor to present [his] ideas and policies through the brilliant humorist for all ages, Citizen Twain.”

Hertzler says that his unprecedented plan is a tribute to Hal Holbrook, who has portrayed Mark Twain for more than 60 years.

“To my knowledge, it’s never been done before,” says Hertzler. “And I look forward to the challenge.”

In order for Hertzler to win the Democratic Party nomination, he will have to beat Rick Gallant, a teacher from Corning who has already gained local support.

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