Gohmert: Mueller Is ‘Dirty’ And ‘Should Recuse Himself’ [VIDEO]

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Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert called on special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, saying Mueller is “dirty” and that the creation of a special counsel was “a ruse” by “the dishonest Comey.”

Gohmert said that “there is so much collusion — real collusion in the Justice Department,” including “collusion between Comey and Mueller.”

“There is no collusion with this administration and Russia, so we can drop the independent counsel, special counsel, there is no further need and now that we have collusion between Comey and Mueller, before he testified, also ran things by other people in the justice department when they did their memo. so much collusion,” Gohmert said. (RELATED: Dem Senator Wants Investigation Into Lynch Interference On Clinton Email Investigation)

Mueller, Gohmert said, “should recuse himself from this matter. We don’t need a special counsel. That was a ruse, once again, by the dishonest Comey.”

Comey admitted during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week that, after he was fired, he leaked a memo documenting one of his conversations with Trump in order to get a special counsel appointed.

Gohmert also accused Comey of lying under oath when he said that he never created similar memos after conversations with Barack Obama and George W. Bush while working in their administrations.

“He did prepare notes after his one-on-one meeting with Bush, he lied about that too,” Gohmert said. “This thing stinks to high heaven.” Gohmert isn’t the first one to make the charge that Comey mislead the committee in his testimony, as others have noted that Barton Gellman’s book, “Angler,” said Comey wrote a two-page memo documenting an extensive conversation he had with George W. Bush.

Gohmert’s full interview can be seen below.


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