Poll: A Full Third Of Millennials Do Not Connect Radical Islam With Terrorism

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One-third of college students fail to connect radical Islam with terrorism, a new poll suggests.

The June survey, conducted by Daily Wire and Whatsgoodly, asked the opinions of 1,489 college students from all over the country. Participants were asked, “”Do you believe radical Islam has connections with terrorism?”

The results? 66% responded “yes,” 15% said “no” and 17% said they were “unsure.”

The survey found stark differences in the participants’ responses based on who they supported in the 2016 election. Among the “pro-Clinton” students, 62% answered “yes,” 19% said “no” and 19% were “unsure” if radical Islam has connections with terrorism.

On the other hand, the “pro-Trump” students feel there is a strong connection between radical Islam and terrorism with 89% responding “yes”, 5% “no” and 6% “unsure.” Sanders supporters were close to those who supported Clinton: 66% yes, 17% no, and 17% unsure.

There were also significant differences in the association of radical Islam with terrorism based on the gender of the respondents. 82% of men surveyed associated radical Islam with terrorism, compared to only 63% of females.

The survey was conducted following a wave of terrorist attacks that have struck London and other parts of Europe. In a recent terrorist attack on London Bridge and near the bustling Borough Market, a terrorist shouted “this is for Allah” before attacking a victim, according to the terror survivor.

The survey had a margin of error of +/-3%.

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