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Rolling Stone Pays $1.65 Million For Lying About Phi Kappa Psi

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I’ve been waiting for this news ever since Rolling Stone lied about my Phi Psi brothers at the University of Virginia. This is a great day.

Chuck “The Boss” Ross reports:

Rolling Stone has settled a lawsuit with the University of Virginia fraternity whose members were falsely accused of raping a female student in a Nov. 2014 article, The Daily Caller has learned.

A source involved at the national level with the fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, tells TheDC that Rolling Stone will pay $1.65 million to settle the defamation suit.

That’s a lot less than the $25 million they wanted, but it’s vindication nonetheless.

Those guys didn’t do anything wrong, except being on the bottom level of the Pyramid of Grievances. Jackie Coakley was a designated victim, so it didn’t matter whether her story made sense or was even physically possible. She was there to be believed, and the evil frat boys were there to be a target for revenge.

That’s all this “social justice” stuff boils down to. It’s not about equality, or diversity, or any of the other buzzwords they throw out. It’s about revenge. If you vaguely resemble somebody else who did something bad at some point, that makes you an oppressor. The rules are off the table. You’ll take your “social justice,” in the form of a false accusation of rape, and you’ll shut up about it.

Well, not this time.

Hang in there, Jann Wenner. We all know you’re the real victim in all this.