If You’re Not Taking Advantage Of Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale, You Aren’t Doing Father’s Day Right

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What, in your opinion, are the stereotypical Father’s Day gifts? (No, it’s not Les Deplorable Wine, but perhaps it should be). There is zero doubt that the answer is ties. The tradition of giving ties as Father’s Day gifts is as old as Father’s Day itself. (Don’t fact check me on that one, but I’m rather confident).

Why is this relevant? Because we are currently amidst Brooks Brothers’ semi-annual sale, a sale they run, fittingly, twice a year. And Brooks Brothers sells ties, among many other fine products.

For example, in the semi-annual sale, you can save 40 percent on shirts if you buy 4 or more. (Not to mention 25 percent if you buy 2). This includes sports shirts and dress shirts. You can save up to 40 percent on dress pants and casual pants. And up to40 percent on sport coats and blazers and even suitsOxford shirts are on sale for just $100.

But what about ties you ask? Ties are included in the deal as well. Like shirts, you save 40 percent if you buy 4+ and 25 percent if you buy 2+. There’s a lot of money to be saved here, and at the perfect time.

The semi-annual sale only goes until June 27. So take advantage of these offers while you can, or else you’ll have to wait until January for the next one.

Dads love getting Brooks Brothers for Christmas (Photo via Brooks Brothers)

Dads love Brooks Brothers (Photo via Brooks Brothers)

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