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Olbermann Predicts Trump Will Be In Prison Within One (1) Year

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Keith Olbermann is still around. KeithOlbermann.com is still around. So here’s a post about one of the stupid things Keith said today.

Yesterday was President Trump’s birthday (as well as Boy George, Yasmine Bleeth, MC Ren, and your humble blogger). He turned 71. When he turns 72, good old Olby knows where he’ll be holding his birthday party:

Good advice, Keith. Here’s what the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility near Florence, CO looks like:

Clearly, Keith has been spending a lot of time fantasizing about Trump inside that prison. Which seems weird, but it’s not as if Keith has got a lot of other stuff to occupy his time these days. Remember when he was on TV? He remembers when he was on TV.

Well, mark June 14, 2018 on your calendars, I guess. Let’s check back on Keith in 364 days. Or not.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)