Rabid Raccoon Charges Woman, She Holds Its Head Under Water Until Dead

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A woman casually jogging on a wooded trail in Maine drowned a highly aggressive raccoon after it charged and attacked her, according to her own recollection Wednesday.

“I knew instantly it had to be rabid,” Rachel Borch said to Bangor Daily News. “Imagine the Tasmanian devil. It was terrifying.”

During an afternoon run, Borch said she encountered the raccoon ahead of her in the middle of the foot path showing its teeth. Once the raccoon noticed her, it apparently stormed toward Borch, who subsequently dropped her phone and headphones in a puddle.

The mad creature then dug its teeth into her thumb, refusing to let go, while scratching her legs and arms frantically. Screaming and crying, Borch tried to unhinge the raccoon’s jaw by shaking it. (RELATED: Driver Deer Get Into A Brawl After Car Crash [VIDEO])

Noticing that her phone was fully submerged in the puddle, she decided to drown the raccoon belly-up in the small body of water.

“With my thumb in its mouth, I just pushed its head down into the muck,” recounts Borch. “It was still struggling and clawing at my arms. It wouldn’t let go of my thumb.”

After some time, the animal stopped struggling and she was eventually able to break free from the fangs’ tight hold. Borch then decided to bolt as fast as she could off the beaten path and through the thick forest to return home as quickly as possible.

“It felt like [Stephen King’s] ‘Pet Sematary,” she said, according to Bangor Daily News, specifically describing how she she looked back several times to see if the raccoon was chasing her once again.

Upon successfully returning home, though, Borch and her mother drove immediately to the a nearby medical center (RELATED: Man Brutally Ripped Apart By Bear Twice, Shares Amazing Story On Facebook)

“It really was just dumb luck. I’ve never killed an animal with my bare hands. I’m a vegetarian. It was self-defense.”

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