Andrea Mitchell Advertises For Cuba [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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NBC’s Andrea Mitchell pushed a pro-Cuban narrative ahead of Trump’s announcement that he was tightening travel and trade relations between the US and Cuba.

Trump announced Friday that he was undoing Obama-era policies that made it easier for Americans to travel and trade with Cuba in an effort to squeeze the country’s communist regime.

NBC’s bias toward Cuba was made evident Thursday night when they sent Andrea Mitchell to the country to regurgitate talking points fed to her by the Cuban government.

“Tonight, Havana is open for business,” Mitchell started her report before making gloomy predictions about the future of Cuba under Trump’s new policy.

“In a last minute appeal, Cuban officials are touting that they’ve made America safer from cyber attacks and drug traffickers,” Mitchell said, “taking us to what looked like a normal house but is really a cyber command post.”

“There, we met exclusively with its military chief. She told us that in the past 18 months, Cuba has handed over intelligence on at least 17 cyber crime cases tied to the US,” Mitchell relayed. “Cooperation, they say, is now at risk.”

It’s no secret that the Cuban government doesn’t have the best track record of providing accurate information to the rest of the world, but Mitchell didn’t seem to ask the US government to corroborate Cuba’s claims.

Mitchell then explained that Americans will have a harder time traveling to the country, which the US says is because they don’t want American money funding Cuban military-owned resorts and hotels.

“The problem, say Cubans we talk to, is that the crackdown would also hurt small business owners,” Mitchell claimed, “including many women, the very people President Trump says he wants to help.”

Her entire report never mentions the many human rights offenses committed by the communist Cuban government and military.


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