Another Mistake From The New York Times

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Holmes Lybrand Fact Check Editor, Daily Caller News Foundation
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After the tragic attack on Republican Congressmen on Wednesday, The New York Times published an editorial that primarily called for a rhetoric of decency in politics.

In their plea for a calming down of political rhetoric, NYT used a circa 2011 myth to accuse Sarah Palin’s PAC of running ads that incited Jared Loughner to shoot then Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. The myth has been thoroughly debunked and NYT received such a heavy backlash that they, after issuing several corrections without an editor’s note, finally corrected that part of the article and issued an apology along with a proper correction.

Afterward, both Politifact and Washington Post’s fact check departments called out NYT’s mistake and correctly determined that there was no established connection between the attack on Giffords and a Palin PAC ad.

However, this did not stop the Times from posting their own fact check on false narratives surrounding the shooting on Wednesday which conveniently failed to mention their own outlet’s mistake.

NYT decided to call out Alex Jones’ media outlet Infowars and their false claim that Senator Tim Kaine and Loretta Lynch called for “Blood & Death In Streets.” The fact-check covered more statements from Infowars along with claims made by The Young Turks, a far-left media outlet, and other claims surrounding the tragic shooting on Wednesday. But who did they fail to fact check? Themselves. The New York Times made no mention of their ridiculous blunder that accused Palin of being partially responsible for Loughner’s attack on Gifford.

For The New York Times to make the mistake in the first place is disgraceful, for them to not mention it in a fact check surrounding Wednesday’s shooting is dishonest. Hanlon’s razor tells us, “Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding.” In this case, the evidence for ignorance is dwindling.