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Bath Time: Wedding Crashers 2.0 Trump Edition, Latino Museum Gains Momentum

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Donald wedding-crasher Trump — Who is the only person you would rather crash your wedding than Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson? The President of the United States, of course.

President Trump doesn’t exactly need an invite to be the most popular guest at a wedding. This held true when he showed up unannounced to Kristen Piatkowski and Tucker Gladhill’s wedding reception at Trump National Golf Club two years ago.

Trump stopped by the couple’s reception to take pictures and congratulate the two, Town and Country Magazine reported. “It’s an honor to have the person who’s running the free world come show up at our wedding,” the bride told the magazine.

This isn’t the first time Trump graced a wedding with his presence. In February, he attended Vanessa Falk and Carl Lindner’s wedding at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. This time, Trump did actually receive an invite, but that didn’t mean guests were any less excited.

“I know both families very, very well. One of them has been members of this club for a long time. They paid me a fortune,” the President said. Read here for the whole story.

American Latino museum in the works – A news conference was held in front of the Capitol Thursday to introduce a bill to create a National Museum of the American Latino through the Smithsonian Institution.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) are backing the bill with the help of actress Dianne Guerrero.

Guerrero, who is best known for her role as inmate Maritza Ramos in the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, has taken on the role of an immigration activist ever since her mother, father and brother were deported to Colombia when she was 14, The Washington Post reported.

“We’re actually really angry — we’re like, ‘Where’s the Latino museum? Where’s our history? Where can we go with our families to learn about our history?’” Guerrero told her friends when she decided to join the movement.

The bill has failed to get votes in the past, but the Smithsonian has expressed interest. Check out more about the bill here.