Clay Travis Rips NCAA Over Improper Benefits Rules

Clay Travis (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Fox Sports Live)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Outkick the Coverage founder and Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis took a shot at the NCAA Friday and their rules about what benefits players can receive.

Travis told his audience Friday morning, “You ever heard the phrase ‘improper benefits’ anywhere else? Well improper benefits, I’ll tell you what they are, that’s when a poor kid goes to college and decides to play basketball or football, and they get something other than a scholarship for playing basketball or football. You know what improper benefits really are? Payment for services rendered. It got me thinking, why do we care if a guy gets improper benefits?”

He also added, “improper benefits only apply if you come to college and you’re poor.”


There have been some extremely famous cases recently involving athletes taking money or other items in return for their commitment to a certain school.

One of the most famous cases is former USC running back and Heisman winner Reggie Bush, who took money while playing for the Trojans. The sanctions that followed hampered the USC football program for years afterwards.

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