Here Is How Trump Will Shift Cuban Policy


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Better travel to Cuba now while you can, as President Donald Trump just made it significantly more difficult to visit the island nation.

The U.S. will move to better enforce the ban on tourism to Cuba. During the Obama administration Americans took advantage of the “people to people” travel program, which is designed for Americans to interact with the Cuban people. Travelers were required to keep an itinerary.

However, according to the White House, this requirement was not enforced by the Obama administration and was abused.

This travel program will be terminated by the Trump administration, and the educational program will only remain for large groups of visitors. These changes will be implemented in the coming months, so Americans with current travel plans in the near future are safe.

A source involved in the anti-embargo movement told The Daily Caller that this plan will likely hurt locals who have been renting out their homes to visitors, as they won’t be able to accommodate large groups.

The Trump policy will also make it so Americans will no longer be able to conduct business with organizations ran by Grupo de Administracion Empresarial SA (GAESA), and its affiliates. GAESA is the business arm of Cuba’s military and controls much of the nation’s businesses and hotels, according to a former Obama administration official. Visitors will now likely have to stay at state-run hotels.

The new policy will not end commercial flights to the island nation, travel by dual citizens and Americans will still be able to bring back limited amounts of cigars and rum. People will also be able to travel individually, but in strict cases such as helping a non-government organization or human rights group.

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Alex Pfeiffer