Fatherhood Tops List Of Most Important Duties For Males, Per New Poll

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Jake Rennie Contributor
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In a world full of uncertainty, there is consensus that fatherhood is the most important duty in a mans life.

According to the latest Rasmussen Poll, 70 percent of American adults deem fatherhood the ultimate task a man must accomplish during his lifetime.

A meagre 17 percent of those polled disagree with this sentiment. This scanty hoard of counterculturists believes the preeminent role in a mans life is something other than being a caring father.

Despite fatherhood ranking so high in the poll, PEW research finds that less than half of US children live in a ‘traditional’ household. 46 percent of US children under the age of 18 live in a household with two married heterosexual parents in their first marriage. In 1960, 73 percent of American children met this criteria.

Preceding decades of declining marriage rates, Millennials are delaying matrimony at staggering rates as the percentage of unmarried adults hits an all-time high. Adding to the importance of children having a father figure, 34 percent of parents are faced with the constraint of being a single guardian.

Ironically, the number of Americans who view motherhood as the most important role in a womans life is at an all time low. A poll conducted in May indicated that hardly any Americans viewed Mothers Day as the nations most important holiday.

Despite the vast melange of socio-demographic issues making fatherhood increasingly difficult, over two-thirds of Americans agree that fatherhood is the single most important role in a mans life.

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