A Second Interracial Rap Broke Out On The Bachelorette And It Was Just As Awkward As The First

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Black and white contestants alike broke out into another awkward rap in an effort to win the black Bachelorette’s heart Monday night.

Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette, threw a boat party to spend more time with the male contestants. Kenny King, a black contestant, decided that the best way to get to Rachel’s heart and stand out from the rest of the guys was to rap for her.

“None of these dudes stand a chance. None of these boys know your boy is like a virtuoso at rap,” Kenny declared before breaking into an awkward freestyle rap.


“My name is Kenny King, K-I-N-G. Yes I’m so fresh reppin NYC. No, none of ya’ll can fuck with me. I’m sitting over here just so lovely. I’m so ill, yo I’m bubbly like soap,” Kenny rapped while his fellow contestants chanted in approval.

Peter, a white contestant, decided to jump in with his own freestyle rap.

“I’m looking for commitment, this girl she’s something different. I ain’t telling you anything crazy,” Peter rapped, bopping to the beat. “But yeah I’m just sitting here spitting. I can tell you something real from my heart. Not gonna tell you something fake like a fart.”

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