Affinity Magazine Aggressively Victim-Blames Otto Warmbier


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Affinity Magazine, the same site that promotes illegal immigration, trashed recently-deceased Otto Warmbier for not following North Korea’s laws.


Warmbier was detained in North Korea after he was accused of stealing one of the country’s propaganda posters. He was finally returned to the U.S. after 17 months but was in a coma due to severe brain damage and died shortly thereafter.

Apparently devoid of any sympathy, Affinity Magazine is blaming the U.S. teen for his own death on Twitter.

“If you decide to go to North Korea then you have to respect their laws,” the magazine wrote on Monday. “Otherwise you better stay home.”

In a now deleted tweet, Affinity said Warmbier’s behavior was due to white privilege, and again said, “respect their laws.”

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The tragic irony in Affinity’s victim-blaming is that it often encourages illegal immigrants not to follow U.S. laws.


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