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Bush Catching Up To Obama In Popularity

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You know that meme with George W. Bush waving and the phrase “Miss Me Yet?” Well, I sure do miss him. He’s a good man, and he was a good president. It sounds like more people are starting to realize that.


Former President George W. Bush’s national image continues to improve in his retirement, with his favorable rating rising seven percentage points over the past year to 59%…

Bush’s favorability now approaches that of former President Barack Obama, who measured at 63% in the same poll, conducted June 7-11.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Former presidents tend to become more popular when they stop talking so much. If Obama keeps going around being such a huge jerk all the time, Bush is gonna catch up with him.

I wonder what sort of ex-president Trump will be? If the lefties keep behaving the way they are, we won’t find out for another eight years.