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Daily Vaper: ENVII Fitt Starter Kit Review

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter

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The Fitt by ENVII is the only device on the market that has both a puff sensor as well as a fire button. This ensures users of all different vaping styles will enjoy the Fitt above any other closed system device available. The “closed” aspect is the enclosure over the entire device; you do not see the tank and liquids as you would any other mod. This type of vape device is considered a “pod” style device. The Fitt kit includes your choice of pre-filled starter liquids that include: cream, fruit, menthol, and tobacco from a wide array of popular brands.

The reviewer highly recommends the Fitt for a present day smoker. He also suggests it for a regular vaper, but says it is perfect as a proper device that a smoker can appreciate to cut down on and/or quit smoking. This “pod” mod just might to the trick. A very popular characteristic for a vaper is a long battery life; the Fitt lasted the reviewer 4 full days before it needed to be charged again. As demonstrated in the video, it fits on a key chain, so it is very easy to carry around and travel with.

ENVII Fitt Starter Kit on sale for $54.99

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