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Moby Bravely Takes On Trump Just Like Everybody Else

REUTERS/Henry Romero

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You can tell we live in a fascist police state because whenever people criticize our leaders, they’re sent off to concentration camps some dummies run onstage and yell at them. In the face of such horrible oppression, speaking truth to power requires incredible bravery. That’s why it’s so amazing that Moby, the popular ’90s musician and living example of the long-term cognitive effects of animal-protein deprivation, has just released this music video.

Get it? Because Trump is Robo Money Hitler. And eating animals is bad. And everything is horrible because the Democrats are out of power. No wonder HuffPo loves it.

It’s a cliché by this point, but stuff like this really is why Trump won. This sort of shrieking hysteria makes me want to put on a MAGA hat and eat a double bacon cheeseburger with chicken fries. But mostly, it makes me want to turn it off and listen to some actual music instead.

(Hat tip: Ben Shapiro)