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No, Jumping Onstage At Shakespeare In The Park Is Not Protecting The President’s Life

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Speaking as a RINO #NeverTrump traitor, here’s what I’m observing about the real Republicans these days. Here’s their game plan:

  1. Win elections because people are sick of campus crybaby social-justice crap
  2. Indulge in campus crybaby social-justice crap
  3. ?
  4. MAGA!

I don’t like Code Pink and the like. I don’t like the way leftists justify their actions. And I don’t like it when people who claim to oppose leftism behave the same way, with the same rationalizations. Which is exactly what happened Friday night, when a couple of attention-seeking Trump supporters filmed themselves interrupting a performance of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the Park. It was pure Code Pink, just without the pussy hats.

Last night the genius who jumped onstage, Laura Loomer, talked to Sean Hannity about it:

If you didn’t want to sit through that whole thing, Loomer and Hannity yammered on for several minutes about why it’s okay to behave the same way as the people they don’t like, because they don’t like those people. Anybody who disagrees isn’t a real Republican. And the best part is, Loomer actually said:

“I’m protecting the president’s life.”

Wait, what?

I used to think that the people I saw on TV were really doing all that stuff. I thought Captain Kirk was really flying through space, and Batman was really punching the Joker, and so on. Then I turned 6.

Look, I don’t like what Shakespeare in the Park is doing either, and I find their excuses disingenuous. Graphically depicting the murder of an obvious Trump analogue is satisfying to them and a lot of their audience, and bleating “It’s only Shakespeare!” is dishonest. They should just admit that it gives them a sick, visceral thrill. If they couldn’t push Hillary Clinton over the finish line, at least they can play make-believe with the guy who beat her.

But they’re not actually killing anybody. They’re not encouraging the audience to kill anybody. It’s a play. It’s not real. You’re not protecting the Constitution by interrupting it. You’re just being an idiot.

You shouldn’t be an idiot.

“Verbal violence” is a term leftists use to try to silence their opponents. They equate ideas they don’t like with actual violence, and they use that to shut down things they don’t want to hear. It’s bullshit. It’s fascist. It’s wrong, no matter who does it or why.

Then again, it’s a great way to get money from a bunch of suckers:

If you want to support this nonsense, morally and/or financially, go ahead. Not me. If this is “winning,” I’m fine right here on the sidelines.

(Hat tip to my favorite masked wrestler, the mysterious and terrifying SooperMexican)