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Bath Time: Ivanka and Rubio Share An Awkward Embrace; CNN And NBC On The Rise

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With Fox out of sight, CNN and NBC rise to the top – CNN and NBC have been gorging themselves on the never-ending news platter President Trump’s been serving.

Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, and Andy Lack, the chairman of MSNBC and parent company NBC, are relishing in their newfound glory thanks to Trump. The not-so-typical Republican president has steered traffic toward the likes of Zucker and Lack, and away from Fox, which has suffered from the loss of CEO Roger Ailes, who has since died.

“Both men too, in classic news fashion, have been lucky bystanders,” The Hollywood Reporter said. “Each has watched, agog, as decisions by the Murdoch family have sacrificed Fox’s heretofore unassailable dominance in the cable news market. Opportunity happens when the market leader  falls.”

That, coupled with the abundant ammunition Trump supplies, has given the two media conglomerates enough fuel to rise to the top of the mainstream media world. This won’t last for long though. Both companies need Trump to keep their momentum, but as the reporter kindly reminded the two, unfortunately, “Trump will not last forever.”

Nonetheless, Zucker and Lack should enjoy it while it lasts. Read more here.

A-W-K-W-A-R-D – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ivanka Trump met Tuesday to talk about paid family leave, a subject the president’s daughter has strongly advocated for.

Ivanka proposed businesses offer mothers and fathers six weeks of mandatory paid leave, but her plan has faced opposition from conservatives, who said the government should not “impose mandates on the private sector,” the Washington Examiner reported.

When Ivanka arrived at the Capitol, she was greeted by the Senator with what may have been the most uncomfortable hug of 2017. Vibrations of awkwardness could be felt throughout the Twittersphere.

Modern media loses sight of the real issues – In the midst of this scandal-obsessed era, the media has ironically become an “enabler” of Trump’s agenda by overlooking the one thing that really matters: political policy.

Issues of true importance, like healthcare and climate change, are being diluted by the media’s microscopic coverage of White House scandals, Nation editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel, warned. While everyone is fixated on Russia and other buzz, dangerous legislation is slithering its way through Congress, without getting the attention or scrutiny it deserves.

Learn more about this “toxic” issue, here.