Dem Infighting Online Heats Up After Special Election Losses In Georgia And South Carolina

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Democrats and liberals turned on one another as they sought explanations on social media to understand why they keep losing special elections immediately after Georgia’s 6th Congressional District was called for Republican Karen Handel over Democrat Jonathan Ossoff. The Georgia race is the fifth seat in a row Democrats failed to pick up.

Democrat Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley released a statement Tuesday night saying in part, “Winning in Georgia 6 – a district that hasn’t elected a Democrat in three decades – was always an uphill battle. Still, this was a tough loss – coming within a few points of victory but falling short is never how we want a campaign to end. But Democrats cannot let this defeat tamper our enthusiasm. The fight to defeat President Trump’s and the Republican majority’s extreme agenda is more important than ever.”

Crowley later added, “I remain confident that Democrats are incredibly well positioned for big wins in November 2018. I will fight endlessly to ensure our party is the party of the future.”

Huffington Post politics editor Sam Stein gave Democrats little chance of winning races in the future, but predicted the party would at least maintain competitive margins.

CEO of Gizmodo Media Group Raju Narisetti slammed the Democrat talking point of calling the race a “moral victory” because of the close margin between Republican Ralph Norman and Democrat Archie Parnell in South Carolina’s special election—a meme used by Democrats to explain away close losses in previous special elections this year.

Politico’s Gabrielle Debenedetti reported a Democratic member of Congress texted frustration about not seeing “actual victories.” According to Debendetti, Move On said “Ossoff+DCCC missed an [opportunity] to make Rs’ attack on health care the key issue [+ ran] O as a centrist”

According to Politico’s Reid Epstein, Democracy for America “trashed Ossoff, saying that the party followed the “Same, tired centrist Democratic playbook that has come up short cycle after cycle.”

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel tweeted that some Democrats think that Ossoff lost his race because he did not run on single payer health care.

Young Turks correspondent Nomiki Konst tweeted she blames the moneymakers behind the special election losses.

International Business Times journalist David Sirota appears to agree with Konst, saying that establishment Democratic consultants are the problem.


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