Hookstead’s Hot Take: Hey Lauren Duca, The Internet Doesn’t Forget

Lauren Duca (YouTube screenshot/Mar F)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It looks like Lauren Duca really doesn’t want people knowing what she said about the non-existent pay gap for the “Wonder Woman” film Tuesday.

Duca tweeted a statement, which at best is misleading and at worst is something she knew was a flat out lie, about Gal Gadot getting less money for “Wonder Woman” than the actor who played Superman in “Man of Steel.”

“Gal Gadot made $300,00 for Wonder Woman as compared to Henry Cavill’s $14M for Man of Steel. The most compelling DC villain is the pay gap,” the Teen Vogue columnist wrote for her legions of fans, who appear to be nothing more than rabid women and self-loathing men who hate anybody that is white, has a penis or a bank account.

However, the statement wasn’t even close to accurate. Instead of owning up to her mistake and apologizing, she decided to just delete the viral tweet and pretend she never made the widely stupid comment or played a huge part in the story becoming national news. (RELATED: Lauren Duca Spreads Misleading Rumor About The Pay Gap For ‘Wonder Woman’)

Hey Lauren, the internet doesn’t forget.

Lauren Duca tweet (Credit: Screenshot)

Lauren Duca tweet (Credit: Screenshot/David Hookstead)

Did I want to spend my afternoon explaining to Duca the error of her ways? Of course not. I’d much rather be watching some sports and drinking a cold beer. Yet, here we are on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

We’ve all made mistakes. This is America and we have a very forgiving culture. I’ve done plenty of dumb things or misstated things. I owned up to the error and the world moves forward. I’m a big believer in second chances.

If I owned a football team I would sign just about anybody with a criminal record, assuming the criminal record doesn’t involve murder or beating women and children, if I believed they were sincere about their mistakes. I know, it’s a humble move on my part, but it’s just who I am. Big time people make big time moves, including giving second chances.

How stupid does Duca think the American public is? Did she really believe deleting a tweet would be wiping the slate clean.

That’s the move of a young child. Real adults, and I know this concept is very hard to grasp, own up to their mistakes. Perhaps mix in a little humor, have a little fun with it, but get it done.

I understand the grave risks of writing this hot take, which for me is more on the lukewarm end of the scale than scorching hot. I’m sure I’ll be called a misogynist. Obviously I don’t hate women, I particular like the really attractive ones. But I’m willing to take the heat from her legion of followers, who are more like a cult than a fanbase.

Am I a hero for taking this bullet while trying to educate Duca? Maybe, even probably, but I love freedom and America so much that I’m willing to do it.

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