Lt. Col. Peters: Iran Is ‘Core Problem,’ Not Russia via REUTERS

Jack Magruder Contributor
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Though tensions are running high between the United States and Russia, and relations are turning sour, Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters (Ret.) is adamant that Iran presents a much greater threat to the US.

On Fox Business Network this morning, the Lieutenant Colonel noted the imperial ambitions of the ancient Persian civilization that continue to bleed into their current foreign policy. Peters emphasized that: “that we in the West fail to recognize [that] they’re good at strategy and they have a master plan.”

The Iranian government has “a vision.” This so called “vision” refers to a middle east – wide caliphate to “establish a sphere of influence.”

Though the Russian military warned the United States not to fly planes or drones west of the Euphrates River in Syria, under threat of shooting down planes, Peters claims this to be a bluff. He continues to state that Iranian military forces are egging on the Russians simply because they have an interest in the destabilization of the other major military powers in the region.

According to Lt. Col. Peters, the United States keeps backing itself into a corner because “we are not thinking long term” in our foreign policy endeavors.

In the messy foreign affair that is the Syrian conflict, understanding the ultimate goals of our adversaries is imperative.