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Bath Time: Provocative Pits; Whipped Cream Machine Gone Wrong

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Rainbow Pride To The Max – LBGTQ activists have taken Pride month to new levels, using the symbolic rainbow in never before (and probably never should be) seen ways.

Hairstylist Caitlin Ford has introduced a new hair treatment to the LGBT sphere: Rainbow armpit hair. Ford debuted the look on a female model posing with her arms over her head in an Instagram post.

The rainbow pits not only challenge sexuality norms, but also gender identity norms, suggesting there’s no rule that says women should have to shave their armpits. Ironically, by the time women grow their armpit hair out long enough, Pride month will be over.

See the look here.

The Truth At Last – After dangling the possibility of having taped conversations with ex-FBI Director James Comey, President Trump claims that he does not know of any such recordings, Bloomberg reported.

For two weeks, Trump left a trail of clues via Twitter and press conferences suggesting he had proof that Comey lied during his hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Now that Trump’s bluff has been called, the Twittersphere is all fired up.

WILDCARD: Dessert Machine Causes Fatal Death – A French model died after a pressurized whipped cream canister burst into her chest, causing her to go into cardiac arrest on Saturday.

The 33-year-old model, Rebecca Burger, was famous for her fitness blogger and Instagram account. She had 170,000 followers and posted food, lifestyle and fitness photos.

The latest post on her account announced the death of the model.

A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on

“Whipped cream dispensers use nitrous oxide canisters, which, when pierced by a pin, release the gas and pressurize the cream container,” The Washington Post reported.

Medics were able to revive Burger’s heartbeat, but she remained unconscious and died the next day in the hospital. The whip cream dispenser company, Ard’Time has been recalled, the post added.

For the full story on this tragedy, read here.