HuffPost Says Women Lose Again After Woman Wins Congressional Seat

Grace Carr | Reporter

A Huffington Post reporter contended Wednesday that Karen Handel’s win in Georgia’s special congressional election is bad for women.

HuffPost writer Emma Gray headlined her article, “Reminder: A Win For A Woman Doesn’t Always Mean A Win For Women,” and wrote that “having more women in Congress is great, but Karen Handel isn’t pro-woman.”

Gray also took a swipe at Donald Trump Jr., who she said is “frustrated Handel is not being celebrated as a feminist glass-ceiling breaker simply for being a woman.”

Gray admits that it is admirable to see the Republican party sending more women to Congress, but quoted writer Jennifer Wright who argued in Harper’s Bazaar, “Feminism doesn’t mean liking every stupid woman you meet… if women are opposed to women’s rights? If they’re cheerfully complacent with sexual harassment or scaling back women’s opportunities? If they’re actively going to make life hard work for you and others like you? Speak the fuck out. Don’t worry about seeming polite. Just worry about speaking out.”

Handel is pro-life, supports market-based and patient-centered healthcare reforms, a fairer simpler tax structure with lower rates for families and businesses, and a less punitive tax code among other issues, according to her website platform.

But despite these goals, she is “dedicated to making life harder and worse for lots of women,” according to HuffPost.

Gray also criticizes her for pushing to cut Planned Parenthood funding.

She concludes the article that Handel’s track record and policy priorities indicate that she won’t do anything to advance rights and opportunities for other women, and that “a glass ceiling broken is only worth celebrating if it means something for more than the individual smashing it.”

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