MSNBC Analyst: Supporting Trump Like ‘Hugging A Suicide Bomber’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan compared Donald Trump to a suicide bomber Thursday afternoon because he “blows up” himself and those who support him.

Jordan and host Craig Melvin began by discussing Trump’s disclosure that he did not have any tape recordings of himself and former FBI Director James Comey.

“He wasted the country’s collective time speculating over whether these tapes existed or not,” Jordan said. “It’s a sad day when you can’t depend on the president’s word.”

Then, she made a rather violent metaphor that compared Trump to a “suicide bomber.”

“My advice would be to Republicans who do cozy up to him–it’s just like hugging a suicide bomber,” she casually remarked. “He blows you up in the process with him.”

Melvin chuckled and said, “That’s a little strong, Elise,” but Jordan doubled down on her comment.

“If you’re a Republican who went out on a limb and defended Donald Trump over saying, ‘Well he’s got tapes that are gonna back up his point of view,’ you just got blown up too,” she stated.


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