BuzzFeed Writer Who Attacked YouTubers As Far-Right Made Nazi Skits


Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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BuzzFeed is the latest progressive publication to highlight alternative media personalities from the so-called “far-right.” An article by Ryan Broderick follows in the wake of Mother Jones’ false claim that political commentator Dave Rubin is a member of the “far-right,” using conservative journalist Lauren Southern as a focal point.

In the article, Broderick compares popular YouTubers to the rising tide of alternative political personalities, and rakes them over the coals for catering to the “far-right,” highlighting the very popular PewDiePie, who came under fire over “anti-Semitic jokes,” and YouTube gamer JonTron for speaking to Breitbart.

The BuzzFeed writer describes anti-social justice warrior Carl Benjamin, better known as Sargon of Akkad, as a “far-right YouTuber”. He also falsely claims that popular YouTube feminist Laci Green makes “videos playing with alt-right themes,” by linking to a satirical video by Cognitive Thought, who does informative comical response and meme videos. Lately Green has been attacked by the far left after she publicly distanced herself from social justice warriors.

Yet, Broderick is no stranger to producing parody videos flirting with Nazi symbolism. In videos dating to 2010 and 2011, the BuzzFeed writer wore a Nazi uniform while brandishing a swastika on his arm alongside a man dressed as a Jewish prisoner.

In another satirical video, Broderick explains why he needs student loans and explains:

“I guess it’s because I wanted to make my own thing and I wanted to make something I could be proud of, and mainly make something that wasn’t controlled by Jews. Because I don’t know if you know this, but they control the television, they control newspapers, radio. And, it’s bad enough that they own all our money, and bad enough that they turn into rats at night—they eat all your food, your electronics, so you gotta go out the next day to buy new stuff, and you don’t have enough money so you have to go to the Jewish banks.

“I guess, I don’t agree with what Hitler did but if another people are behind it there’s probably something good in there, and I guess that’s basically what student loans are about. It’s about giving a voice to people who want to do their own thing without any Jews.”


As he gives his speech, Broderick does the Nazi goose step and the Nazi variant of the Roman salute to emphasize the views his character expresses.

In response to BuzzFeed’s use of his satirical video on Laci Green, Cognitive Thought produced a video to make fun of Broderick.


For all of Ryan Broderick’s grandstanding over YouTubers who produce similar videos, the BuzzFeed reporter had no problem indulging in the same performances he accuses others of.