Dems Freak Out Over GOP Health Bill [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Senate Republicans just released the text of their health care bill Thursday and liberals and Democrats are already predicting thousands of deaths if the bill is passed.

The outrage and doomsaying matches, if not exceeds, that of when the House version of the bill was passed.

“My phones have been ringing off the hook from people like…the family whose got a person in opioid addiction treatment right now and they know that their daughter will die if she doesn’t have that,” said former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.

An MSNBC guest similarly predicted that “that homeless mom is going to notice [tax cuts on the rich] when her baby can’t go to healthy baby care, trust me.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made the claim twice, once with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and once with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that “there is no question…thousands of people will die.”

His pal Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, infamously claimed on Thursday that tax cuts in the Senate health bill are “blood money” and causing people to die.

Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, a Republican, even joined in on the action, bringing up Jimmy Kimmel’s infant who was born with a heart issue.

Cassidy said the Senate bill only “begins” to pass what he calls the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” which is ensuring infant children can get care they need even if their parents do not have health insurance.


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