Hookstead’s Hot Take: Welcome To Summer — The Worst Time Of The Year For Sports

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Summer is officially upon us, and that means it’s officially the worst part of the year when it comes to sports.

Now, there are plenty of great parts about summer. The nice weather, the cold beers, the boating trips and plenty of women in bikinis. We can’t overlook these factors before analyzing how much summer sucks when it comes to sports.

As a self-proclaimed sports expert, I need sports in front of me like a drug addict needs a quick fix. The obvious difference is I’m not going to rob somebody to pay for my tickets, but that’s neither here nor there.

However, summer is absolutely horrible when it comes to sports. Sure, we have some baseball to watch, but that just isn’t enough to wet the whistle.

Here is a list of everything we don’t have during the summer: college basketball, college football, hockey, the NFL and the NBA.

How am I supposed to get up everyday and smile if my only option is watching the MLB instead of crushing Miller Lite as I watch some college football on Saturdays and the Detroit Lions on Sundays? The answer is simple, it’s extremely difficult.

There is no greater wave of emotions than watching your college football team play against another top-10 ranked football team under the lights as the crowd roars and young battle for every inch on the ground. You never realize how much you love a dominant run-based I-formation offense during the college football season until it’s gone and you have to wait for football to return.

I love summer, I truly do, but it just doesn’t feel right. We’re just not being fulfilled as Americans if I can’t turn on my television and watch two men start throwing punches over a chippy play in a hockey game, and then flip the channel to a basketball game.

We’re months away from football being back, and once that domino falls then it won’t be long until basketball and hockey return. Until then, I will continue to watch some baseball, have a few beers and bind my time until I can return to throwing down my bets on college football.

Stick together everybody. Together we can get through the difficult time that is summer.

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