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Bath Time: Agent Won’t Take A ‘Bullet’ For Trump; Goldman Sachs and Trump’s BFF Saga

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Agent Gets Away With Slap On The Wrist — A senior Secret Service agent won’t take a “bullet” for President Trump, but she will take her paycheck.

Agent Kerry O’Grady was dismissed from her position as head of the Secret Service’s Denver district for writing on her Facebook profile in October that she’d go to jail before taking a bullet for the President-elect at the time, the Washington Free Beacon reported. O’Grady also called Trump a “disaster.”

Unlike previous agents, O’Grady has faced unusually minimal consequences. Not only was she kept on payroll and security clearance, but she evaded the “Do Not Admit” list – a list that prohibits agents under investigation from accessing Secret Service offices and resources.

“All the clients I have are on unpaid administrative leave,” Sean Bigley, an attorney at Bigley Ranish told WFB. “Then they have to sit around for a year cooling their heels before anything is proven. It’s very punitive.”

It could take up to years to hash out the case due to the notoriously long legal process that proceeds any definitive punishment by the agency. But hey, who’s O’Grady to complain about her extended paid vacation? Read the full story here.

From Enemies To BFF’s — What made Goldman Sachs go from dissing Trump to practically kissing Trump?

In a story seeping with irony, the once tumultuous relationship between the financial giant and President Trump has blossomed into a partnership thicker than blood. A photograph taken of the President and his advisors on April 6 showed four Goldman Sachs alums by his side. Among them was Gary CohnSteve MnuchinDina Powell, and Steve Bannon.

The photo was inconsistent with Trump’s statement just two months before that said, “I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total, total control over [Ted Cruz]. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton.”

It’s no secret that Sachs and Trump have been at odds in the past with the financial company vowing not to do business with Trump. The company signed and sealed its anti-Trump stance when its employees donated more than $340,000 to the 2016 Clinton campaign, the Center for Responsive Politics reported.

All their differences magically evaporated when Trump won the presidency and his son-in-law Jared Kushner almost immediately hired Goldman Sach’s former president and chief operating officer, Gary Cohn, who accepted on the basis of one of two rumored reasons.

The first: He “grew tired of waiting for Blankfein to retire from the C.E.O. post at Goldman and leapt at the chance to serve his country in such a crucial role,” Vanity Fair said.

The second: Cohn enjoyed basking in the temporary position of C.E.O. while Lloyd Blankfein, the current C.E.O., was recovering from lymphoma. “Gary made a play to replace Lloyd,” a former Goldman partner told Vanity Fair. However the board was “noncommittal,” which may have left Cohn feeling rejected and angry.

Read the full scoop on the drama here.

The Political Vortex Strikes Again – The satirical show that mirrors the political jungle of D.C. wrapped up it’s sixth season Sunday in what was an unexpected twist that left viewers thunderstruck.

The star of HBO’s political comedy “Veep,” Selena Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, couldn’t escape from the black hole that is politics as the season finale signified her run for president. The star faced an ‘all too real’ dilemma where she was forced to choose her career or her personal life. On par with many real-life politicians, Meyer chose her career.

“I think it is quite sad, actually,” showrunner David Mandel told The Hollywood Reporter. “She threw away the happy ending. The happy ending was steering clear of politics.”

Mandel answered questions about the finale and what viewers can expect in season seven, which will air in April 2018. For the full interview, read here.