SCOTUS Approves Parts Of Trump’s Travel Ban, But Is It Enough?

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James Merse Freelance Writer
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Today the Supreme Court allowed parts President Trump’s immigration travel ban to take effect for some travelers in a unanimous decision. With the growing threat of Islamist terrorism in the homeland, we must continue to tighten our national security efforts.

Just last week a police officer in Flint, MI, was stabbed in the neck by an attacker yelling “Allahu Akbar.” Flint and Syria are thousands of miles apart, but jihad knows no borders.

We cannot sit back and allow Islamists to continue their jihad and start infiltrating our borders and spilling American blood. The SCOTUS decision to allow Trump’s ban to take effect is a win for national security, but if we do not continue to tighten our measures, we will still see violence in the name of Allah.

Let’s look at the mess Europe has become to support my call to increase national security measures, including tighter travel and immigration restrictions from high-risk areas of the world.

According to a 2016 ICM poll of 1,081 randomly selected British Muslims aged 18 and over, two thirds would not inform the police if they thought someone was involved with terrorism. With 3 million Muslims living in the U.K. as of 2016…that’s about 2 million Muslims that would provide safe harbor to terrorists.

Recently, a Muslim male blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 and maiming dozens of others. TIME reports that 17 people were arrested in connection with this attack. One Muslim male blew himself up, 17 Muslims helped. Those Muslims did not commit acts of violence, but they sure did help.

According to the Telegraph, the Muslim male that blew himself up in Manchester was connected to the ISIL terror group behind the Paris and Brussels attacks. The tragic Paris/Brussels sequence of events shows more holes in the peaceful majority plot.

In November of 2015, Muslim men attacked the Bataclan theater in Paris, shooting, beheading, mutilating revelers. According to the New York Post, a Muslim man cut the testicles from a boy and put them in his mouth, and TheRebel reports that fetuses were cut from pregnant women. As a reminder, 26 percent of British Muslims do not think this is extreme.

Kalashnikov bullets were found in a mosque outside Paris. A 9mm revolver and jihadist propaganda was found in a mosque east of Paris. A mosque in the south of France was closed after it was found to be distributing jihadist propaganda.

The surviving attackers, after killing 130 at the theater and a few other locations, fled, to Molenbeek, a municipality within Brussels. Molenbeek is known as Europe’s jihadi central. It’s unrealistic to think these men hid for 24 hours a day, and it’s a fact that they didn’t. They were spotted at a nightclub.

The Muslim men that killed free people in Paris were given safe harbor in Molenbeek, so they could build bombs and execute another attack on free people, at the airport. It’s clear that they did not stay in hiding, yet the Muslim community in Molenbeek did not capture them and alert police.

In August of 2016, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said there were 15,000 people being watched by French authorities. The Times reports that intelligence officers identified 23,000 jihadist extremists in the U.K. These people have family, friends, are part of the Muslim community – they go to Mosque, they celebrate Ramadan.

I’m throwing political correctness in the garbage where it belongs, just like Brigitte Gabriel told me to.

It’s time to arrest and ship all on the terror watch list to Guantanamo. It’s time to investigate all Mosques linked to names on that list.

Most importantly, it’s time to for the peaceful majority to stand up and take action.

We have a POTUS that calls the enemy by name and is attempting to keep us safe. We have a SCOTUS that believes in our right to a secure our borders from an enemy hell-bent on murdering free people.

The warning signs are written in blood all over Europe, and I take them very seriously.

Today’s SCOTUS decision has to be the springboard into a national security conversation where we get honest about Islamist terror and jihad.

Anyone that wants to steal the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of free Americans does not belong in this country, and I’m thankful that my POTUS is willing to get honest about the very real threat of Islamist terror.

We’ve named the problem, so now we can and will protect ourselves.

James Merse is a healthcare communications professional from Northern New Jersey and teaches communication courses at community colleges