WaPo Writer Accuses Bruno Mars Of Appropriating Black Culture And Funk Music

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The Washington Post’s Jenn M. Jackson has had enough of people praising Bruno Mars and is accusing the singer of appropriating black culture and funk music for financial gain.

Before the “24K Magic” singer even took the stage at the 2017 BET Awards Sunday night, Jackson fired off a tweet criticizing the musician for appropriation and launched into a full-on rant when other Twitter users reacted.

“I really need y’all to stop with this Bruno Mars praise and be more critical about the ways we understand appropriation,” Jackson began.

“Bruno Mars does not identify as black. Let’s get that clear at the outset,” she clarified. “He is a non-Black person of color (POC) who has recently decided that singing Funk music is economically productive.”

Jackson then criticized fans under the belief that Mars is simply reviving a genre that has faded from the musical spotlight over the past few decades.

“These claims that Bruno Mars is ‘bringing funk back’ are erasive to Black Funk artists who pioneered the tradition. FUNK. NEVER. LEFT.”

“Yes, he gives ‘credit’ to funk artists on occasion. He also has a primarily white audience which has no memory or care for black artists,” Jackson argued. “In Bruno’s case ‘brining Funk back’ essentially means, ‘Funk was a Black thing and now I give it to white people.’ That’s appropriation.”

Jackson continued to argue with other Twitter users throughout the awards show and on into the next day defending her opinion.

“Taking our shit and repackaging it for white people is not innovation. Even if these non-Black ppl sing well, it’s appropriation. Period.”