Brutal North Korean Regime Likens Trump To Hitler After Calling Him A ‘Psychopath’

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North Korean state media compared President Donald Trump to Germany’s Adolf Hitler Tuesday, equating the president’s “America First” policies to Nazism.

“The ‘American-first principle,'” the Korean Central News Agency asserted, “advocates the world domination by recourse to military means just as was the case with Hitler’s concept of world occupation.”

The Trump administration is pursuing a strategy of “maximum pressure and engagement” to achieve a denuclearized Korean Peninsula by way of diplomatic and economic pressure, much to North Korea’s displeasure. The North’s latest verbal attack against the Trump administration follows Pyongyang’s declaration that South Korea should realize that “following psychopath Trump” will only lead to destruction and disaster. The North, which is seen as one of the world’s worst human rights abusers, has also called Trump a “lunatic” and a “maniac.”

Pyongyang clearly did not feel a desire to respond in kind after Trump said that he would be “honored” to meet Kim Jong-un and called the young dictator a “smart cookie.”

“Following Hitler’s dictatorial politics,” KCNA continued, the “America First” “strategy creates the atmosphere of horror among political, public, media, information and all other circles in the U.S., putting Trump, advocator of the idea, on the chopping board of impeachment himself.”

North Korea withheld its criticisms of the Trump administration during the first few months, but Pyongyang has been steadily letting its dogs off the leash, allowing the media to open fire, Robert Carlin, a North Korea expert, explained in a commentary Monday.

“The Trump way of thinking that the whole world may be sacrificed just for the better living of the U.S., has put even its allies and stooges in a pretty fix,” North Korean state media wrote. The North criticized the president for his immigration policies, economic sanctions on countries unwilling to meet American demands, and even the decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. “It is quite natural that the international community brands the U.S. act of conniving at the indefinite emission of carbon dioxide for its own interests as ‘an act putting into the shade Hitler’s poisonous gas atrocity’ and ‘a crime to annihilate humankind by turning green planet into a poisonous gas room as a whole.”

North Korea is regarded as one of the worst abusers of human rights, as there are reports of extreme violence and torture in North Korea’s prison camps to the testing of chemical weapons on disabled children. The North also repeatedly threatens to obliterate its neighbors, as well as the U.S., with nuclear weapons developed in violation of international restrictions.

“All countries and nations have to fight against U.S. hegemonism,” the KCNA report concluded.

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