Just Repeal — Then Replace

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Obamacare, so badly misnamed as the Affordable Care Act, has been anything but affordable.  Democrats blissfully avoid all responsibility for this disaster and act as if it is actually a huge success. I suppose that  as a socialist one might think that anything that gets more government control over individuals is a success, but in reality Obamacare has been a total failure. It is incredibly harmful to both the health care system and families.  It is failing rapidly with providers dropping out and costs exploding. It has also crippled job growth as employer mandates discouraged businesses from expanding due to the cost of mandated health care.  Many companies cut back employee hours so that they could thereby  avoid the requirement to provide healthcare.  Families who had been able to afford policies saw their premiums skyrocket and their choices dwindle.  Has there been any acceptance of responsibility by Democrats for the problems? Of course not.  They just blame others with idiotic claims and a complete lack of logic.

It was Democrats that lied from the beginning with claims that if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor, that it would be cheaper. It is amazing that Chuck Schumer hasn’t been struck by lightning when he says that  Republican plans are going to be worse than what we have now.   The disaster that  Obamacare has been is never even considered by democrats.  To make their arrogance even more insufferable is when they make ridiculous claims that  Republican plan will kill millions.   Their fear and hate mongering isn’t new. It failed as a tactic in 2016 but apparently Democrats have decided to just double down on the tactic. Apparently there is no limit how insane or ridiculous your claims can be  when trying to scare voters and blame Republicans.  Reality isn’t something that  Democrats are even remotely familiar with these days.

Consider then just repealing  the whole thing.  Repeal it all just as if the Supreme Court had found it to be unconstitutional ((as they should have done) .   Let it go back to the way it was.

Democrats will howl, but who would notice a change? You can invite Democrats to the table to craft changes.  Perhaps some of the more rational among them might see that as an opportunity.  The left had planned on a Hillary Presidency and knew that Obamacare was dying. Their plan was to use the disaster to them ram a single payer plan down the throats of all Americans. Apparently that is something that  Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks is still going to happen.   Democrats are so lost right now that they really believe that obstructing any solution to the problem will let win in 2018.

Republicans in repealing Obamacare could keep their promise to repeal Obamacare.  Replacement can be phase two; allow preexisting conditions, create catastrophic coverage that doesn’t bankrupt families,  allow policies to cross state lines and above all limiting malpractice and tort claims.  Frivolous lawsuits are a huge problem for Doctors, that can be fixed but risks the well heeled wrath of trial lawyers.   Build more medical schools and provide students with loans that they could pay back with public service as doctors.

We can win this battle, but listening to the left and legacy media just wastes time.   If chaos reigns for awhile, we should remind voters whose fault it really is: Democrats.  Let Republicans then get credit for solving the problem.